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Updated October 28, 2021 - 1:02 AM EDT
Taiwan Confirms US Troops Are on the Island
  Biden Accuses China of 'Coercive' Actions at East Asia Summit
  Generals, Writers Abuse Chinese Test To Argue for More Weapons
  US Conducted 2,000 Spying Missions Aimed at China This Year
  Blinken Raises Tensions With Call for Taiwan to Participate More in UN
Yemen's Houthis Seize 2 New Districts in Maarib
  Facing Pressure to End Yemen Blockade, Saudis Want More US Arms
Russia: Afghan Neighbors Must Reject US Military Presence
  Khalilzad Urges US Engagement With Taliban to Avert Collapse
Iran Says Deal Talks Will Resume by End of November
Israel Advances 3,000 Settler Homes Despite US Pressure
Turkish Parliament Extends Syria, Iraq Missions by 2 Years
Assange Hearing: Prosecutor Attacks Judge's Decision
item 'An Act of Cowardice': Israel-Based Groups Condemn Terror Label for Palestine NGOs  by Brett Wilkins
item Has Biden Proved Different From Trump on Palestine?  by Ramzy Baroud
item Pentagon Generals, News Writers Abuse Chinese Test Flight to Argue for More Weapons  by Bernhard
item UK Court Should Deny Extradition Because CIA Planned to Assassinate Assange  by Marjorie Cohn
item Weapons Execs Lament Losses From Afghanistan Exit  by Eli Clifton
item The Rape of the Afghan Boys  by Pedro Gonzalez

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6,700 Afghans Resettled in US, 53,000 on Stateside Military Bases: Pentagon
Guantanamo: Lawyer Says Case Should Be Put on Hold at Supreme Court
Pegasus Row: India's Top Court Orders Probe Into Snooping Allegations
Iran Calls for Inclusive Govt in Afghanistan
Israeli Official Says Military Takeover Likely to Aid Normalization Ties With Sudan
African Union Suspends Sudan Over Coup
Sudan Arrests Three Coup Critics as Pressure Mounts on Military
Sudan's Army Chief Burhan Meets With Saudi Ambassador in Khartoum
Blinken Says US Condemns Sudan's Military Takeover
Ambassadors Unite to Denounce Takeover and Back Protests
Sudan's Beja Tribes End Port Shutdowns and Road Blocks in East
World Bank Halts Sudan Operations in Response to Coup
Three Burkina Faso Troops Killed in Attack Near Ivorian Border
Tunisia Closes Television Channel and Radio Station Critical of President
Egypt's Sisi Appoints New Armed Forces Chief of Staff: Presidency
UN Experts Urge Central African Republic to Drop Russia's Wagner Group
UN, US Sanction Libyan Official Over Human Trafficking
NATO's Afghan Mission Was Hit by 'Mission Creep': Official Says
China and Afghan Taliban Set for Closer Interaction, as US Urged to Be 'Pragmatic'
Taliban Are Eager for Dialogue With the World, Chinese Minister Says
Armed Robbery Increasing in Kabul: Residents
30 Cases of Violence Against Afghan Reporters Cited: ANJU
Taliban Government Offers Afghans Wheat for Work as Money Dwindles
India Says It Is Concerned About China's New Border Law
US Senators Urge Biden to Avoid India Sanctions Over Russian Deal
Four Pakistani Police Killed in Violence at Far-Right TLP Protest
UN Envoy Says 'Civil War' Has Spread Throughout Myanmar
US Military
America's Troubled New Aircraft Carrier Will Finally Go on Its First Deployment Next Year
Too Many Civilians? Pentagon Officials and House Lawmaker Disagree
USS Carl Vinson Operates in South China Sea With Japan Maritime Self-Defense Force
US Marines Deploy First Amphibious, Unmanned Robot System
Ecuador President Calls for Dialogue With Indigenous on Second Day of Protests
Ecuador Govt Will Ask Assembly To OK Bringing Down Unauthorized Planes
Julian Assange Hearing
A Guide to US Appeal in the Assange Extradition Case
Day One: Assange Lawyer in Fiery Rebuttal at Day's Conclusion
US Says Assange Could Go to Australian Prison if Convicted
Assange's Legal Maze: Australian Foreign Ministry
UK Court Should Deny Extradition Because CIA Planned to Assassinate Assange
Israeli Forces Attack Protesters Against Plans to Turn Palestinian Graveyard Into Biblical Theme Park
Israel Conducts Army Drill Near Besieged Gaza Strip
Israel Demolishes Four Palestinian Stores in Ramallah
Israeli Navy Opens Fire at Fishing Boats, Confiscate Two, in Gaza
EU Spokesman: Most of the Israeli Accusations Against Palestinian Institutions of Terrorism in the Past Have Not Been Substantiated
Settler Attacks Leave Palestinian Farmers With Financial Losses
In Israel, DR Congo President Says Seeking 'Closer Security, Agriculture Ties'
Iraq Daily Roundup: 15 Killed
Iraq Election Body Soon to Announce Final Results After Recount
Rising Star Seeks to Break Grip of Big Families on Kurdish Politics
Saudi Arabia
Saudi Arabia Designates Hezbollah's Financial Arm as 'Terrorists'
Saudi Arabia Receives First Public Flight From Israel
Ali Al-Nimr, Imprisoned as Teen, Released After Nine Years
Middle East
Turkey: Erdogan Says He Expects to Discuss F-35 Dispute With Biden
Iran Blames Fuel Shutdown on Cyberattack From Unnamed Country
Lebanon: Minister's Criticism of Yemen War Sparks Diplomatic Crisis With Gulf
Russia Says Turkish Drones Risk Destabilizing Situation in East Ukraine
After Ukraine's First Bayraktar Drone Attack, Rebels Allege Minsk Violation
Norway Scrambles Fighter Jets to Follow Russian Bombers: Moscow
UK Court Hears Asylum Appeal From Israeli Student Refusing to Serve in Army
Kosovo Sanctions Seven People, One Company for Links to Hezbollah
Top EU Court Fines Poland $1.16 Million a Day Over Judicial Reform
El Salvador
El Salvador Adds Nearly $25 Million in Bitcoin to State Coffers, Says President
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